We have a wonderful get-together in my neighborhood.
 Eight lovely ladies come over once a month to share 
thoughts, fun times and refreshments.
 I always want to bake something special for them.
 It was my time to host this get-together. I saw this lovely recipe on Pinterest for Key Lime Cake. 
I adjusted the flour for high altitude. 
Well, 17 hand squeezed limes later all three pans went
 into the oven. I peeked in several times and it was
 not only NOT rising,  it resembled a  sunken volcano!
 I've made a bunch of cakes over the years  and
 this was by far the ugliest! 
I tried to "glue" it together with icing but the more
 I tired the more it looked like a Troll Lime Slime cake !
 (It did taste wonderful if you didn't look at it!!)

Fortunately, I had all the ingredients for Strawberry Cake (Fresh or Frozen.)
You can get this great recipe at thecountrycook.com
I used an immersion blender to "smoosh" frozen strawberries.I also put "smooshed" strawberries in the icing between the layers. 
I topped my icing with "glittered" sugar: 1/2 Cup sugar 
+ food coloring-dried in a 350 oven and then crushed.
Sprinkled on top of icing. 

I also "smooshed" about 2 more cups of strawberries and added a 
little sugar. Before putting slice on the plate , it was drizzled over the plate.
Looks a lot better than the Troll Lime Slime Cake!



Paula Hardin said...

Key Lime Cake? I bet it did taste good though.. giggles...

Barb said...

I am laughing so hard at the "Troll Lime Cake"! This is the reason I have to limit my exposure on Pinterest...I then think I can do it because it looks so good on the pin!
Thanks for the laugh Robyn!
And I promise I wont try this at home!
OOOHHH but your other cake looked divine!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh how cool... lol. Maybe it would taste great frozen. Looks like a wonderful work or art to me, by you :) The next cake looks like a gourmet chef baked it.
Thanks for the invite, I enjoyed.


Vicky said...

LOVE the TROLL LIME SLIME!!! HA!! I'm a good baker but not a 'pretty' one. That Strawberry Masterpiece looks so DELISH!!

Linda Welcome said...

Just thinking of you have EIGHT friends to get together with made my heart happy...and oh about that Troll Lime Slime...I would have been happy with that even if I had to eat it with a SPOON. Sending hugs, Linda

Lady Locust said...

I just found you and became your latest follower. Your items are beautiful. Love the green cake - keylime is always good no matter how it looks:)
PS I too have a blog where faeries meander if you care to take a peek~