PhotobucketAs one travels the road of life, (hopefully it is a long one!) you realize the road is sometimes bumpy and often crooked but the trip along the way is scenic and beautiful, if you just look at all the beauty along the side of life's highway. Yippee! It is Spring! The birds are singing, flowers are beginning to bloom and all the weeds are going amuck! Listen to the birds, smell the flowers and pull all those weeds! Lots of damage by all the snow and ice this year, but that just makes an excuse to put in more plants!
Heard the little tree frogs start singing last evening so maybe warm weather will stay here for a while. Have those weeds calling and a new batch of papier mache pumpkins brewing best to get going and quit listening to those birds!

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kris said...

Hey Robyn! Your blog needs some new content, so I'm tagging ya, hee hee! Go to my blog and see what ya have to do, K?