Ladies POKER PUFF Valentine's Day Party

Did you have a Valentine's Day Party or event? I had a group of friends over for a little card playing,gossiping and some refreshments. My Big Love Bug held the welcome Sign.
The light over the table was decorated.
The entry counter had pink and red heart lights with a heart foil centerpiece.
The refreshment table was festive!
Ever wonder what to do with the old bed springs you've been collecting (besides crafts?)Paint the springs after thorough cleaning. Make festive card stock paper cones topped with paper doilies. Make homemade caramel corn with cashews, pecans and dried cherries inside. Fill those paper cones up with that!
Also make some white chocolate/M&M's candies and some cherry centered truffles for more Yummy things! Make personalized ornaments and little goodie boxes to take home. Final touch! An incredible dessert! Raspberry, Chocolate Mousse Cake.Four layers: Cake-like Brownie, Chocolate mousse, Raspberry Mousse and Vanilla Mousse on top. Each slice add extra raspberry sauce. Voila!! Stuffed Friends!! Want to come next year???